The SunnyDayze Art Project is a conceptual art campaign that began in Venice Beach, California in the early 1990's when a young artist began distributing free stickers featuring a simple outline of a round head with black sunglasses through the local skate ad surf shops. The “head” quickly began spreading its way up and down the West Coast. Since returning to New York, the artist continues to create graphic images and artwork based around the same single visual element, with each piece containing the logo in some way, shape or form. Over the years he’s experimented with a variety of mediums including acrylics, paper, media, food, wood, textiles, pastels, oils, charcoal, ceramics, metal and more, creating a body of work that is fun, colorful, and unquestionably unique. In 2023, SunnyDayze was awarded an artist-in-residency position at the Art League of Long Island, a non-profit Art School. His future goal is to exhibit a collection of SunnyDayze art both nationally and internationally.​